Member social: the now

Recharge your body and mind for optimal performance for this month's Member Social.

It's here! For those of you in New York City we are gathering, in person, for this month's Member Social. For those of you not in the NYC area, don't fret, we will be streaming this digitally as well! We are excited to gather at Fics, an amazing partner to The NoW. Fics is a wellness oasis you will find hard to leave. Their mission, similar to The NoW's, is to recharge your body and mind for optimal performance. They provide a one-stop shop for recovery and overall physical and mental wellness at their Chelsea flagship. In addition to our chat, Fics is offering NoW members the opportunity to enjoy two modalities for a $50 exchange.

Your choices of modalities are:





The NoW's member socials are casual meetups with free flowing conversation. As always, our goal is to connect with other members, learn something new and leave feeling inspired to take action in your own life! We are confident you will achieve all three this evening!